In classical Greece the sybils at Delphi would inhale the vapors of the caverns, go into convulsions, and dispense ambiguous advice. Now we have a much cheaper way to settle questions: pose them to an Anagram Oracle and scan the megabytes of output for any tinge of sense. I asked one to compare the programming languages, with some surprisingly clear results:

code in Python non-pithy code
code in Lisp dispel coin
code in Scheme I once Schemed
code in Java Java? no dice
code in Forth retch in food
code in Smalltalk let on dismal lack
Perl code old creep
SML code scold 'em
Haskell code sad coke hell
Mercury code cure my coder
C-plus-plus code C does cull pups
Snobol code code on, slob
Erlang code olden grace
Erlang code glad encore
Erlang code golden care
Erlang code candor & glee
Erlang code angel coder
code in Mozart cozier, not mad
code in E nice ode

There you have it: Actor languages are good. Other languages are bad. Q.E.D.

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