Darius Bacon

1275 N. Hill Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91104

Expert programmer seeking short-term contracts or a long-term position developing advanced, elegant software.

Fortes include C, Java, Scheme, interpreters, parsers, virtual machines, and API design. Skilled with Unix, Python, assorted assembly languages, Standard ML, Common Lisp, Forth, and more.


Developer, 2000
Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, CA Java developer, 1998-1999
Metamata, Inc., Fremont, CA Lisp developer, 1997
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Artificial Intelligence Group, Pasadena, CA Consultant to ex-employer EDMS, 1995-1997
Senior programmer/analyst, 1991-1995
Expert Database Marketing Systems, Irvine, CA Junior programmer, summer 1986
FORTH, Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA

Articles and talks


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, 1986-1988.
Physics major. Besides the physics/math core, I completed courses in algorithms and data structures, digital electronics, and integrated circuits.


I'm hard of hearing; this means email or instant messages are far more effective than phone calls, and meetings should be in a reasonably quiet place.

U.S. citizen. References available on request.

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