Idel: a virtual machine for mobile code

Idel is a free virtual machine for safely and portably running untrusted code. This is not a new programming language, but a substrate for existing ones. It's designed to:

This preview release isn't meant for serious use. Some important features are missing, and others will change incompatibly later on.

Here's the latest stable version: idel-0.1.10.tar.gz. It requires GNU Make, awk, sh, and an ANSI C compiler. You can see the README or the ChangeLog before downloading.

The distribution includes these demo applications:

I also have some old notes on why this is worth making and old project ideas.

Browse the development version in CVS.

About the name: `idel' is Old English for vain or worthless, and an intended killer app is agoric computing on idle computers. This system used to be named Froth, but that name was already taken.

Mike Leonhard has created another virtual machine inspired by this one for his own education: sebae.

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